MOSAIC aims at setting up two industrialized Technology Platforms [1] in the Maghreb and the Mashrek. The objective is to foster collaborative public private partnership projects with regard to ICT industry needs and priorities, and also with European partners. We would like to get your opinion and how you may want to contribute or get involved to make the public private linkage stronger. Your responses will be treated confidentially and anonymously. [1]The TPs to be set up in the MPC will follow the principle of the European Technology Platforms, which are a key element in the European innovation ecosystem. To do this, ETPs take a holistic view, identifying the pathway to commercial deployment of research, provide strategic insights into market opportunities and needs, and mobilise and network innovation actors across the EU in order to enable European companies gain a competitive advantage in global markets. ETPs are industry-­‐led and focused to be inclusive and representative of businesses,research organisations and universities in their respective fields and are open to new members. TPs in MPCs are expected to follow a similar scheme.

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